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MANDO MARK 4 comes in Khaki or bright color and is specially designed for team operation to provide the best performance and comfort compilation of normal or rugged operations, suitable for operation in sandy and rocky areas. These shoes are specially designed with technical features such as lightweight, easy to move, fade resistant with high performance soles in various conditions and weather. The model is also designed to be air resistant, ideal for users working in or around the air, or out of wet environments on land.

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Inner Section

Outer Section

  • Air flow Breathable tongue and side vent construction

  • Shock Mitigation System 

  • Lighter weight upper construction

  • Slip and oil resistant outsole

  • Achillies heel flex zone for enhanced comfort & Flexibility

  • Stroble construction



The boot are designed to be lighter and more comfortable, yet maintains its reputation for toughness and durability. A new air flow tongue and side vent work to keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable all day, every day. Another new feature, the Mark 1, gives a critical part of your foot more range of motion without compromising support. The full-grain toe, 840D nylon upper and shock mitigation system provide the kind of rugged protection you need.

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Mark 4 Silver.png
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